Recent Developments At EarthStar

EarthStar has gone through a structural change and cleaning session to make the company more efficient.  Dead Wood as some call it has been removed and a cleaner more efficient company has resulted. Subsidiaries remain but with a new cleaner, sleeker parent company.  The entire EarthStar family has been reduced to the sections that are the most efficient:

  1. EarthStar Enterprises Corporation is now the top company and majority controlling company in the structure.
  2. EarthStar Battery Division Corp. is our focus on HD, soon 3D and other priority high performance storage systems.
  3. EarthStar LED Division Corp. is our focus on this large energy consumption device and replacing all lighting with efficient LED.
  4. Resilient Communications Technology Corp is our specialty ASPCA Cable and Security Systems manufacturer.
  5. Mining is being sold off so our focus on this lucrative end will soon come to an end. Gone will be Silica, Titanium and Brasco SA division.
  6. EarthStar Energy Solar Division will be our North American solar energy experts while they also handle our Global Solar Projects.

Calvin H. Woosnam, CEO, COB, CIO