Design Install Partner

EarthStar has partnered with Renewable Future Energy Resources Inc. ( headed by the infamous Mr Sarj Sethi, as its design/install partner for the Company’s solar energy projects. Furthermore, EarthStar has partnered by sharing knowledge and client needs with a select group of quality-focused manufacturers worldwide to produce proprietary designed components that maximize solar energy production.  Future Energy is a full solutions provider for Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Wind, and Micro-hydro systems providing sales, service and installation.  Future Energy’s first solar implementations were in India and Vietnam for remote water well pumps and powering hospitals.  For over 20 years, Future Energy’s certified electricians have been implementing solar and wind systems in Sweden, Europe and North America.  Founded in 2007, Future Energy is positioned as a qualified, educated and experienced renewable energy solutions provider. EarthStar collaborates with the Future Energy team so as to remain current and updated with respect to being educated on new and improved products, governmental policies/rebates, and obtaining/updating certifications.

Future Energy has designed and installed solar power systems for major universities, secondary schools, hospitals, tourist attractions, hospitality properties and commercial buildings just to name a few so is an excellent partner to oversee any EarthStar project from site survey through the critical system design and install process.