EarthStar Enterprises Corporation Biographies

Directors EarthStar Enterprises Corp

Calvin H. Woosnam, CEO, Chairman, CIO;

  Cal has had an extensive career in technology and a number of significant accomplishments to his credit. He has been a Systems Analyst since 1968, 12+ Years with IBM, some of the first Digital recordings with 5 Gold Records. Telecommunications for remote sites with high bandwidth satellite for clients, and first to build ATM networks with his LightWay Networks Company which still stands a reminder on top of Canada Place in Vancouver. These ATM Networks are the Standard for fibre optic and wired networks Worldwide today. Sits on or works with multiple Regulatory and Standards organizations, such as CSA International, UL/ULC, BRE, LPCB, Intertek Asia, and has co-authored multiple international Standards including Life Safety to Solar Energy. He has more than 22 Patents in various stages of deployment, ranging from Life Safety to National Security, to Remote Medical Monitoring, and even today with Alternate Energy breakthroughs. He has worked on many Top Secret level projects throughout his career and built and sold companies multiple times.

Darcy Johal, Director

 Darcy has been a long time supporter of EarthStar family of companies and as well an active investor since the inception. His extreme business experience background with Terminal Forest Products company on Mitchell Island,  Richmond, he is also the contributor of the current EarthStar Offices and Plant location in Building D at the TPF Plant.  Darcy was one of the first people to recognize the value of the EarthStar mandate and product offerings.  His TFP Plant is also the site of our first Demo Site for Tripod Tracker generating power back into the Sawmill.  Darcy was also the first to recognize the impact the Surge Protect System from EarthStar that can knock down demand power billings by more than 50%.


Dilip Kumar Patel, Director

Dilip holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with vast experience in growing coffee plantations, grape vineyards and the running of cotton ginneries. He has been involved in the procurement of various large projects such a mining, construction, building or bridges and roads in Africa. Dilip is also involved in purchasing and selling of trophy properties in UK and USA, commercial and residential including prestigious hotels.

He has been involved with shipbuilders in Holland and UK to build roll on roll off cargo vessels (first order was six vessels). Partnering with Time Warner AOL USA in setting up a record label and successfully achieving gold in both the USA and UK for our first artist album launched. He acquired a large contract from the Malaysian military to manufacture and supply army vehicles built in Scotland. He has acquired pharmaceutical retail outlets which include a manufacturing, packaging license for pharmaceuticals in the UK. Current turnover exceeds 6m per annum and we continue to expand in this field.

He recently procured a large contract in India (Tamil Nadu Region) to provide solar energy, currently costing $160 Million. He also secured a stake in a large property in the prestigious Hyde Park corner, UK which overlooks Buckingham Palace consisting of 44,000sq ft. in total area with an exit value of approximately £93 Million.


Daniel C. Goldman, Chief  Financial Officer, EarthStar Enterprises

 Daniel C. Goldman is accomplished funds raiser, with extensive experience in the high tech arena.


Sarj Sethi, Director Of Operations EarthStar Solar;

 Sarj Sethi founded Wei Lai future solar power Ltd in 1998 and was implementing Solar/wind/micro hydro projects on an international basis. He also was involved in many silicon ingot/wafer deals sourcing for manufacturers around the globe. In 2007 Sarj joined with Partners to create Renewable Future Energy Resources Inc. and start to concentrate on the Americas(Western Hemisphere). With many years of experience under his belt, Sarj Sethi joined forces with Earthstar to help create a company with more diversity in the renewable, waste to fuel plasma reactor, energy savings(LED etc), water treatment and helping communities set up power when no power is available to larger scale systems.