System Installation Process

System Installation Process

This simple guide will help you understand the EarthStar installation process of our Proprietary Designed Trackers so that you can be confident that you end up with a well-installed system that generates what is claimed it will do and gives you the payback period and earnings that you expect for the next 25 years and beyond.

Site Survey
The site survey is an opportunity for the EarthStar installation team to find out a great deal about the property and your system requirements so that by the time a quotation is provided every aspect of the installation has been carefully reviewed insuring that there will be no surprises later. The Site Survey will also determine which model of the EarthStar Proprietary Trackers are best utilized for each location.  Storage systems will also be evaluated and power delivery compatibility.

Design and Quotation
The quotation will be a detailed document that outlines precisely what EarthStar is going to provide and what exactly is included in the contract. The contract will include every detail pertaining to the installation and the costs allocated to each line item and a total cost for the solar energy system. Full drawings and projected performance stats will be provided to the end client.

Pre-Installation Checks
EarthStar will carry out structural checks and strengthen the roof if necessary, and will also check the likely wind loading on the panels in your area and add additional mounting brackets if needed. The Company will also carry out a full energy performance survey, review the current hydro or utility bills, and provide an initial draft indication of your likely energy savings. A Smart Meter will be installed prior to the installation to assist in validating the reduction in electricity usage so that you can participate in selling energy back to the grid through the Net Metering Program. This allows the customer to maximize economic benefits and get the most out of the solar energy system.

On-Site Installation
EarthStar’s solar components are all CSA approved and the Company’s installation professionals will install the system according to the manufacturers and EarthStar’s installation requirements. All electrical work will be carried out so as to conform to local building codes and hydro and electrical regulations.  EarthStar head office personnel will supervise and train local labour crews to complete installation work and EarthStar Management will complete all inspections to ensure performance objectives.

Post Installation
EarthStar will assist in completing the customer’s Feed-In-Tariff (FiTs) Application and whatever other government or local utility rebates or incentives currently exist. The customer will also be provided with a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate that covers both the structural work, as well as the electrical work. A comprehensive information package will be provided covering all of the details concerning care and maintenance of the completed solar PV system. Included in the package will be the EarthStar Customer Warranty for the installation, inclusive of workmanship guaranty and how to make a warranty claim should there be a faulty panel or inverter or any other issues with the system.