BRASCO SA, registered in Costa Rica and parent to Titaquartzo Mineraco Ltda Brazil, our Ultra Pure Silica (550,000 Metric Tons reserve) and Microdyne Mineral Ltda Brazil, our Ilmenite-Rutile and TiO2 Reserves is actively preparing to supply through a Third Party Mining sale these materials to major consumer companies World Wide.  The 99.7% SGS Laboratories purity silica is being retargeted to the rising Solar Industry following a supporting report by Lawrence Livermore Laboratories which showed better quality glass, when used in Solar Panels can increase the output by 10% or more.

The Ultra Pure Silica also significantly reduces the energy costs for purification caused in the past.   Our Ilmenite TiO2 reserves are not only ideal for companies like Chemours Dupont but also we have brought to them, consumers like Asian Paints wanting this material for paint pigments, but also our higher grade Ilmenite TiO2 near the headwaters of the Amazon are ideal for metal production.  Targets for Titanium Corporation of America to solve their shortage of Titanium metal production.  Bringing all parties from Supply to Mining to Processing to Manufacturing and finally to the Consumer is the roll EarthStar brings to these resources.